Digitisation through image recognition

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WIKA, together with a specialist in image recognition and data acquisition, has succeeded in delivering analogue pointer instruments into the world of IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things). With WIKA, it is now possible, for the first time, to “digitise” analogue measuring instrument values with the WIKA image recognition app.

We have often encountered image recognition in everyday life. For example, many people use facial recognition to unlock their smartphone. Also, scanning QR codes to access a link, business card address or other information is part of everyday life. The WIKA image recognition app is based on this technology.

You need

  • the WIKA image recognition app
  • a smartphone with iOS operating system (Android also available soon)
  • a WIKA measuring instrument with QR code in nominal size 63 (other sizes on request)

The WIKA image recognition app offers you

  • Calculation of operating time remaining
  • Usage statistics
  • Warning information
  • Customer-specific functions
  • Documentation
  • Timestamp
  • Photo as proof
  • Location
  • ICatalogued customer specifically
  • Article number and description
  • Data sheet and operating instructions
  • Certificates/Approvals
  • Individual support
  • WiFi
  • USB
  • Bluetooth
  • LTE
Initial situation

Suppose you need to monitor a process at regular intervals and document the values of analogue instruments. Often this is just the first step. If it is necessary to process the documented data further, they must be entered manually into a database. Thus far, incorrect values might have already been recorded or transmitted twice. Not to mention the time needed for this transfer.

Our solution

From now on, this is a thing of the past. With image recognition, values can be recorded time-efficiently and accurately. Using the image of the dial generated for the data recording, in conjunction with the associated time stamp, the measurement can be verified at any time.

If, within the app, you assign the serial number of the measuring instrument to a unique measuring point, you can easily compare data series and identify trends. With this, in addition, a particularly high quality of documentation is achieved. The data collected via the mobile can be processed on the smartphone or on a PC or transferred to a cloud.

Your benefits

Your benefits at a glance

  • Time saving.
    Scan and document your analogue measuring instruments in a single step.
  • Process safety.
    Direct storage of the measured values in the database - without any transmission errors.
  • Documentation without gaps.
    A photo of the respective display instrument and its timestep can be called up at any time.
  • Intuitive operation.
    Clear user interface for easy operation of the app.
  • Individual functions.
    Adapted to your needs. Create your own personal app with us.

For example, with the help of the app, it is possible to monitor the consumption on mobile gas cylinders, to document their characteristic curve on consumption, and to calculate the running time remaining at a given flow rate.

Principle of operation

The WIKA image recognition app captures the dial and pointer and references the position of the pointer to the dial. The data thus obtained are digitised and shown on the smartphone display as numerical values.

The QR code includes a unique serial number and thus also makes your measuring instrument unique! In the future, re-order your measuring instrument quickly and easily, since the app shows you the article number and a description of the instrument.

In addition, we maintain the correct documents for you, such as data sheets, operating instructions, certificates and more. Save yourself time-consuming paper documentation and the tedious search for relevant data when it's needed.

Contact us

There are almost no limits to the use of the WIKA image recognition app. Upon request, we can also create your own personal app in accordance with your requirements.


Do you want to read your analogue measuring instruments in a digitised format in the future?


Would you like to document, analyse and process on site and on the spot?


Do you want to transfer the collected data quickly and easily to your cloud or database?

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